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Request : Takumi by Jolsma Request : Takumi :iconjolsma:Jolsma 3 5 Commission : Like father, like son by Jolsma Commission : Like father, like son :iconjolsma:Jolsma 6 0 Gift for Rima-chan by Jolsma Gift for Rima-chan :iconjolsma:Jolsma 3 11 Desire, queen of Izumo by Jolsma Desire, queen of Izumo :iconjolsma:Jolsma 6 0 Request : Genderbend Aisha by Jolsma Request : Genderbend Aisha :iconjolsma:Jolsma 4 0 Request : Genderbend Arashi by Jolsma Request : Genderbend Arashi :iconjolsma:Jolsma 3 3 Happy Halloween /  Birthday ! by Jolsma Happy Halloween / Birthday ! :iconjolsma:Jolsma 7 9 Cauchemar by Jolsma Cauchemar :iconjolsma:Jolsma 6 2 Emeraude aka Emy by Jolsma Emeraude aka Emy :iconjolsma:Jolsma 4 0 Request : Fruity swapping his outfits by Jolsma Request : Fruity swapping his outfits :iconjolsma:Jolsma 5 5 Request : Child Hiromasa by Jolsma Request : Child Hiromasa :iconjolsma:Jolsma 4 3 Request : Genderswapped Yan by Jolsma Request : Genderswapped Yan :iconjolsma:Jolsma 5 3 Swan the Tsareeno by Jolsma Swan the Tsareeno :iconjolsma:Jolsma 6 4 Odelphine the Grubbin by Jolsma Odelphine the Grubbin :iconjolsma:Jolsma 6 3 Prince by Jolsma Prince :iconjolsma:Jolsma 3 0 Royal guards siblings by Jolsma Royal guards siblings :iconjolsma:Jolsma 4 0


Fu :COMM: by shawn1013 Fu :COMM: :iconshawn1013:shawn1013 4 1 Saber and Alter Saber Summer by Kururew Saber and Alter Saber Summer :iconkururew:Kururew 18 3 [CLOSED] Kemonomimi Adoptable by Razei-kun [CLOSED] Kemonomimi Adoptable :iconrazei-kun:Razei-kun 12 11 Magic Kitsune by dirtykuro Magic Kitsune :icondirtykuro:dirtykuro 381 28 meow boi by oqmiu meow boi :iconoqmiu:oqmiu 27 6 Azura by sakimichan Azura :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,098 111
Huge YCH Sale (OPEN)
i'm having a sale on all of my old YCH's so i can have space to make more.
Can pay in money or points
Everything in this sale is at $10 If i can just fill all the open slots that would be amazing!

[YCH] Too Hot (OPEN) by Zinovia-star[YCH] The duo (OPEN) by Zinovia-star[YCH] Flowers (OPEN) by Zinovia-star[YCH] Cuddle pile (OPEN) by Zinovia-star
If you are interested in one please drop me a note or comment  with:
What YCH You would likeclear reference of your character most preferably with a color swatch, but along as it's clear
:iconzinovia-star:Zinovia-star 12 19
[PR] NPC Challenge by Ihnky [PR] NPC Challenge :iconihnky:Ihnky 15 1 Comission for  Alice-in-Wonderlland by AS-Adoptables Comission for Alice-in-Wonderlland :iconas-adoptables:AS-Adoptables 50 1
okay so before i start i just want to say that nothing is guaranteed !
if i see a character / design that I like , I'll probably draw it if I have the time.
I work on commissions Monday - Thursday so until those are completed , requests will probably be
worked on Friday - Sunday.
BUT if u dont want to take a chance and 100% want art from me

This is mostly for practice and because I actually feel bad for forgetting about and neglecting that raffle I was supposed to do OTZ I SWEAR I WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING AT A LATER DATE
this is for watchers only too!
if you ask for art and you aren't watching me , i'm hiding your comment soz
but please don't only watch me simply because you're expecting to get free art pls
watch me if you actually like what i draw meaning that i should have 0 watchers cUZ MY ART IS ASS
:bulletblue: please don't comment more than once / sp
:iconsweetbream:sweetbream 16 28
request box (always open)
If you'd like to request comment a ref. of some of your OCs and I may/may not draw them. Requests are more for when I have spare time or nothing to draw, so art trades, personal things and commissions come first.
Each person may receive something different-i.e. one person may get a sketch, another may get a fully coloured chibi. I'll mostly do requests for practice, but I'll try not to mess up your characters too much aaa
I'll draw:
OC's from a reference
Anime fanart
I can try boys but please don't be offended if they turn out girly
I won't draw
Anthros/ Ferals
Super complicated designs
Stuff I won't feel comfortable with.
Please fill this out and comment if you're interested;
OC/ Character Name:
Character personality:
:iconalpagi:alpagi 6 14
Friends for my OCs (Not Adopted ones yet)
I jusr leave this Journal here because my OCs have like NO FRiENDS!
Or just very very less to None at all.
So yeah! Just comment with your OCs and with which Character you would them be friends with.
I just want that my Characters have friends that are not created by me....(Feels so lonely)
I will say YES PLEASE OF COURSE to ANYONE who will comment
IF YOU write a short sentence (or how Long you want it to be) WHY exactly you want them to be friends with that specific Character of mine. I Need to know what they might have in common
Or how I perfectly let them interact with my Characters.

Example: Your OC wants to be friends with ...pffff Aimi!
BECAUSE they also like games and eat lots of Sweets. And I can imagine them being super sweet together!
DONE! I could draw them playing games together. Eating stuff etc.
So yeah...Don´t hesitate asking me about ANY of my OCs. Hobbies, personality, Species, Or Secrets!
If it helps and they are able to have frien
:iconyoyokai:YoYokai 4 29
CLOSED | STAR PONY by Fake-Insomnia CLOSED | STAR PONY :iconfake-insomnia:Fake-Insomnia 12 12 Big Pixelart Commission for tythius by AruOwlsArts Big Pixelart Commission for tythius :iconaruowlsarts:AruOwlsArts 29 4 Touch Of Love by Manmaru98 Touch Of Love :iconmanmaru98:Manmaru98 8 0 Ember - Danny Phantom by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Ember - Danny Phantom :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 6,660 540



Jolsma has started a donation pool!
8,381 / 1,000,000
i wondering if one day, i'll succeed that XD

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Journal History


Hello !

I already did some journals like that but i retry :"D

I'm looking for give a good home to my characters ! Here's the link  :

What i'm looking

- Points ( I all have an idea the price minimum i want for each one, but i won't tell you. Because, i just want to know how much persons want spend on them :D )
- Artworks ( When you're doing your offer, don't forget to show examples ! And tell me how much time it must take to you )
- Characters ( Only humanoids. I'm a little picky... a little XD )
- Others things ? I don't know, offer :D

No worries everyone, i'll answer to everyone, even if i'm declining ! I know the feeling to never have replies, sometimes when it's urgent ;v; .

Comment here with the link of the character you want ! You can also send me a note if you feel uncomfortable here, i don't mind.

If you have any questions, ask ! I won't bite ^^

Hey, guys !

Sorry for the inactivity. I wanted to draw this week but my treatment for my teeth is painful and tiring, so, i'm more sleeping than drawing, lol. No worries, huh ! Anything is okay ! It's just i'll be like that for about 1 week ( PLEASE SOMEONE, SEND ME FRENCH FRIES DDDD: I can't eat it anymore, obligated to eat liquid food T-T )
Request : Takumi
" I will always wait you. "

Request for Teruko on the Fire Emblem communauty :)

His hair was very hard ! But i love his hair D: ! Sooooooo ...

Art (c) Me

Takumi (c) Fire Emblem : Fates
Commission : Like father, like son
Commission for :iconfeibelle: :) !

Sorry for the big late T-T !! I had some capricious from my markers D:

:iconfeibelle:, i hope you like it, thanks for commissioning me Thanks for everything! !

My commissions are here !

Art (c) Me

Zashiden Gilga (c) :iconfeibelle:

Nnoitra Gilga (c) Tite Kubo
Gift for Rima-chan
Gift for :iconkatharsistic:

It's for thank you to have drawn my Minara :D ! I hope the blond is still correct, i did some edits OwO

Hope you like it :) !

Art (c) Me

??? (c) :iconkatharsistic:
Hey 😃 Needs a point of view guys 😆

Sunday, my mother bought an identification plate in a clearance sale. I became fascinated by this item and so did researchs on :

The owner was a soldier from WW1. His name was Alphonse Aristide Alcide Delobel. He's born on February 19th 1895 and lived in Royon ( a little town in the Pas-de-calais, in the North of the France ) . His father was called Jules Émile Delobel and his mother Admelise Josèphe Leroy. His father was a straw roofer and his mother was an innkeeper. He was only child. At the age of 20, the army recruits him for the war. He was recruited for the barrack of Saint-Omer ( another town in the North ) . His number of registration was 1619. Alphonse was also a 2nd class soldier in the 366th infantry regiment. He disappears in the famous battle of Somme. His body is Never found. He's supposed dead. He's so deceased at 21 years old, in 1916.

I did some researchs for to have all these informations ☺ . And, i don't know what you think about it, but, by knowing all of that, even if I Never met him, and he's a common soldier, i feel very close of him. i don't know how to explain ... I feel affected by his life. I promise i'm not like that, usually 🤔 .

I would give him a last honnour. Maybe you know my characters Étienne de Bersee and the Captain Lehembre ? They're both characters from a story i maked and are persons who really lived. Étienne is my ancestor and a crusader and Lehembre is a friend's ancestor and a pirat. Alphonse Never had children so is the ancestor of nobody. I think ... Maybe could i add him to my story ?

The problem is i'm afraid to be rude, insulting the memory of someone dead. But i don't have this impression. I don't know what to do ?

Please tell me T.T ! Tell me what i should do ! If you need more informations don't hesitate to ask ! I'm just very disappointed and need someone's point of view...
Desire, queen of Izumo
Heey :D ! Meet my main character from Fire Emblem : Fates, Desire :D !

i'm lazy for her description XD . Just know she's from an AU, is a princess,  have a twin sister, joined first Hoshido while her sister Nohr, they came back with each other, she met Izana, the Archduke of Izumo, felt in love with him, married him, and had a son called Derana 8D .... DERANA YOU KNOW THE GUY WITH A LONG DESCRIPTION

Hope you will like her :D !

Art (c) Me

Desire (c) Me
Request : Genderbend Aisha
" Hello. I am Aicha. If you need to talk to Professor Louise, i am her assistant. And also her husband ... "

Request for :icondarkangel1208: :D !

A world where all anthros characters are genderbended °° ! would be so cool °° ! Aicha the assistant havig a crush on Mrs. Louise XD

Hope you like it :) !

Art (c) Me

Aisha Kadir (c) Me
Request : Genderbend Arashi
Request for :icondarkangel1208: :) !

Hope you like this :) ! Long hair rule for our favorite kitsune XD

Art (c) Me

Arashi Seun (c) Me
Happy Halloween / Birthday !
Happy Halloween to everyone :D ! I'm not disguising this year but children come to my house XD . I have 12 candies, 8 are gone so ... FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

But each Halloween, we forgot birthday of my two main and first babies TwT ! Yumeeee- Akumu----- MY CHILDREN I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU SO HARD

Hope you like it :love: ! My heart is just warmer when i see them <3 ( litterally in fact )

Art (c) Me

Akumu and Yume Lucilfer (c) me
Here's Cauchemar a very old oc :love: ! I never drew him, even if i love him  !

He's one of Akumu's spirits and Candle's best friend 8) . Even if he has a crush on him fufu-

Hope you will like him :D !

Art (c) Me

Cauchemar (c) Me
Emeraude aka Emy
" Hello ! Looking for my one true love ! Is it you ? Or you ? Whatever ! Be my friend for the moment ! "

And here comes Emy-chan :D ! Yes she loves original hairstyle don't judge her pleaseBig Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

Happy and malicious, she's looking for a lover, and can control the temperature of bodies and items :) . Hope you will like her XD !

Art (c) Me

Emeraude (c) Me
Request : Fruity swapping his outfits
Request for :icondarkangel1208: :) !

Hey, it's me or he looks more adult °-°""" ??

I took a random generator for to choose the person who will give their outfits, and by surprise, Leviathan was the chosen one XD What a surprise, Fruity's student ! I'm so glad omg

It really fits well on Fruity  ! I'm very happy !

Hope you like it :D !

Art (c) Me

Fruity (c) Me
Request : Child Hiromasa
" - Oh no, you're injured again ! I already told you to stop to fight with older children. Well, come at me, i'll heal your bruises.
- ... Yes mama. "

Request for :icondarkangel1208: :) !

Hiro-chan shows his back for not showing his wounds to his mother UvU . He dislikes when she's scolding him U_U . Mostly when she demands him to stop to fight. For those who know him, they know he won't easily stop, eheh ...

Hope you will like this :) !

Art (c) Me

Hiromasa Fukyoka (c) Me
Request : Genderswapped Yan
Request for :iconkoogers17: :)

In fact, he's not very feminine in girl XDD

Hope you like it !

Art (c) Me

Yan Dere (c) Me
Swan the Tsareeno
And here's Swan ! He's Nostradamus and Bella's son :) ! he's a male Tsareena, so, should we call hima Tsareeno XD ? Lol

He's Zenith and Gabriel's old brother :)  ! He also look like a lot to his mom for his personnality :D

:iconkaena59: and I co-own him !

Hope you will like him !

Art (c) Me

Swan (c) Me and :iconkaena59:
Odelphine the Grubbin
And here's an other one :) ! Again XD ! Odelphine, who is Flamme's daughter e_e ! Tell me you remember of him, please XD

She's very mischievous and malicious, and loves cook weird things :D

hope you will like her !

Art (c) Me

Odelphine (c) Me
"Don't cry, don't scream,
It will be useless
You're not hitten, you're punished
It's not unfair, it's what you deserve
Don't hear others, all is normal
You can debate, it will be worst
Accept your fate, all is your fault
You're ill, you're guilty
You deserve what you have
No she doesn't steal your legacy,
She will be a great queen,
Don't protest, Be happy,
The kingdom won't support
a weak king "

Art (c) Me

Luciel (c) Me
Royal guards siblings
Hello~~ :D !

Do you remember of Voleur, the one in the middle :) ? Well, here's his siblings, Ink and Azura :D !

Ink is the left sibling U_U . Not a male, not a female, just a sibling ewe . They're not annoyed if you say he or she, their sister says so he, while their brother says she :D . They're kind, innocent, and friendly :) .

Azura is the right sister :D . She's independant, confident and loving to cook :B . She's nice and malicious UvU !

Hope you will like them !

Art (c) Me

Ink, Voleur and Azura (c) Me

Ink's original design (c) Nekoucha on

Azura's original design (c) Vixian on


Jolsma's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Jolsma | Female | France | Single

:iconemotileftclosed: :iconemotirequestsclosed: :iconemoticommishopen: :iconemotipcommishopen: :iconemotitradesopen: :iconemoticollabsopen: :iconemotigiftsfo: :iconemotikiribansclosed: :iconemotirightclosed:

Commissions (OPEN)New : Not accepting Paypal anymore . Sorry but i did some maths, and in some cases, i only earn 0,06 dollars .... geez ! Look how i'm cheap XD
Hello,hello Hi emoticon  !
Well,here's commissions OnionHead  ! I'll draw this in traditionnal media with special markers,and character's skin is white,be cool with me Sorry  .
Well,here are my commissions  onion boy 2  !

Lineart  chibi : 30 Points
Lineart Headshot : 21 Points
Lineart Shoulders-up : 30 Points
Lineart Half-body : 45 Points
Requests (OPEN)Well,i re-open requests onion dance  ! But,read the entire journal !!!
I'm a little busy,in this time,but i can draw your ocs :) ! But,WARNING, if i draw her/him/it,one of my ocs must to be in the drawing :D ! And,of course,i can draw only MY OC :giggle: !My list of OCS is here :) (Smile) !
If you're interested,please,write the following onion head 'so what' :
Name (of my oc(s)) :
Extra character(s) ( your oc,canon characters,etc) :
Refs (if you want add extra characters) :
To do :
Lineart or Colors ? :
Extra things ? :
You can comment here or note me,even if you have an eventual question Go Wacky..Onion  !Oh,and,who wants i draw my ocs's parents ??
Not interested ?
If you're not interested ,you can see my others offers : :iconakumuxyume:
Yandere Simulator request ! and art trades huhuh !Hello !
I'd like draw more Yandere Simulator fan arts <3 because one is not a lot XD :
So, leave your requests in comments!
I draw :
canon characters, shipping, gore, yaoi, yuri
I don't draw :
Nude, Hentai, ecchi, hate arts
Free sketches ( 2 / 10 OPEN )Rules:
Ten people to comment on this journal with a reference of the character they want will get a sketch from mebut in return they will have to offer to do ten free sketches in a journal too! (and put me first on the list)
No examples of my work, i'll note you the finished work because i don't want submit that here.
1) :iconkoogers17: - Finished
2) :iconnaokikogasa: - Finished
3) :icondejaaoi: -!/format/jpg/quality/85/ /
Modern AU RamSa  - Finished
4) :iconiloveanime3455: - Underfell Omega flowey (genderbend) - Finished
5) :iconolexafox: - 1 By Olexafox-da0difl - Finished
6) :iconunicornprinzess: - Froggy /
Legends of Zelda requests ! (OPEN)Hello !
I play to Hyrule Warrior Legends, and i love it <3 !!! so, i open legends of zelda requests !
Examples of my work :
I will draw
Characters of Legend of ZeldaStraight CoupleYuriYaoisample backgroundMany charactersOC x CC ( only LoZ ocs please )
I won't draw
Monsters non-humanoidsComicsGhirahim x someone ( if it's friendship it's fine, but not romantic )Ecchi / HentaiAnimals
Unlimited <3 !! You can ask for many !
:iconflarezenyu: - Link x Vaati - Minish Cap
:iconkoogers17: - Shadow Link x Purple Link - Four Adventures Swords
Leave a comment in this journal <3 ! Don't be shy, i will surely accept your request !
Ask / Dare my characters !Yes, i know, i have a lot of drawings to do, but i'm kinda stressed by these, and draw sometimes my babies makes me feel good, so, it's a good excuse :3
And yeah, i already did a journal about that, but this one was kinda old, and not updated :o
Well, you can ask my characters any questions you want ! And in this version, you can even dare them XD ( it's like challenge, it's that ? )
You can ask / Dare any character of this list and ask / Dare many time you want :D !
Please comment on this journal and not anywhere else :D !
Request ' Talk like my character ' ?Hello !
I have the impression the personnality of my characters aren't very well understood U.U . So, i was thinking, maybe i could talk like them for show you how they talk ... ? And so a little of their personnality ... ? It's just an idea, huh //// I'll just record myself talking like one of them, i'll try to do the same voice of them, but i'm unsure, mostly when they're male XD But the tone, everything, well, it's just for fun /// Oh, and sorry in advance for the quality, i don't have microphone >////<
Here's my characters :D !
Just comment with the following form ^^ :
English or French ? : ( I'm French, so, i can talk in these two languages ^^ )
Character chose : ( Put here their name ^^ )
Sentences : ( Put here which sentences you'd like i tell, but if you don't have any, it's fine XD )
It's all, it's just for fun ;v; !
Wishlist !1)
I don't succeeded to have these, so, i'd like to offer something to the person who succeed to have one of them for me : If you succeed to trade one of them or both for me, and you had them in exchange of arts, i can " refund " you ! I mean, if by example, you drew 1 headshot for their owner, i'll draw 1 headshot for you ! Like that, you're not losing !
Edit : I put them in the order i want in priority ;v;

Gender : Female
Surnames : Jojo, Jol, Jollissima, Jojo-chan, oujosama
Birthday : 13/08
Speciality : Scenes

I'm a young French artist ^^ . I love talking :D ! Don't be shy, if you want talk with me ;) !

My other account for adoptables is in ! :iconakumuxyume:

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LeahFoxDen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Je l'ai posté sur la CFE dans mon topic dessin mais pas sur que tu l'ai vu alors tiens XD

-AT- Izana x Desire (Corrin) by LeahFoxDen
Jolsma Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oui ! Pardon du délai ! Je t'ai répondu sur Da, sur CFE et par mp de CFE :)
Shizukachan3 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im having a contest right now uhmm if you feel free to draw, why not try joining! Or if not im having a raffle too! Thanks for your time! And i hope this catches your interest!!…
Jolsma Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm sorry, i prefer to not join contests without deadline ^^" and i don't like do journals, sorry ^^;
Shizukachan3 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh its alright! Thanks anyways!!
Jolsma Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem :)
rcg3005 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
Thank you so much for the watch!~
It means so much to me!~
Jolsma Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahah, you're welcome, i'm impressed by your work :) ! ( And you have same markers than me nnnngggh i need practise )
rcg3005 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
Thank you,I'm glad!~
(Oh, promarkers and brushmarkers?Well,I've been using them for 9 months now,just practice!Also,I've been drawing for 3 years and a half so ye~
Practice makes perfection,as I always say!~
Jolsma Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ahah, you're welcome :) !

Yeah, Practise makes perfection \o/ ! I'm using them since 2015 September if i remember well XD . And i draw since ... yeah, like 3 years and few months :D .
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